Hulmes Bridge Ferry

Safe A57 Crossing Route.

NOTE: This appears, I think, partly to run along the public right of way, now covered up by the golf course shooting range and also through I am told private private land.
However the golf course will welcome your money at their cafe and have not objected to free advertizing on this site so I dont think anyone will object to you peacefully walking through.
However, please be respectfull to the land owners if using this route though, as the railway arches are NOT a public right of way.

Mountain View
Walk straight up from the top of the boysnope jetty steps for aproximatelly 90 yards, then take the right fork.
Mountain View Walk on through trees onto the old golfcourse shooting range.
Mountain View
Follow the path up to the Golf Course Car Park. Approx 250 yards.
Mountain View
Walk throgh the car park staying over to the left hand side.
The old dual rail tunnels appear at the exit. Walk through the tunnels and follow the path around to the right. Aprox 200 yards.
Mountain View
The pathway exits onto the airport side of the dual carrigeway just short of Makro trafic lights.