Hulmes Bridge Ferry

Helen's Ferry Walk.

Flixton to Boysnope, then AJ Bell Stadium via the canal path.

Mountain View The journey begins...

"Off we go" says the ferryperson as his trained eye manouvers the vessel accross to the boysnope jetty.

Mountain View As the ferry reaches the centre of the canal Barton Locks are in clear view at the end of the tree lined waterway.
With nearby traffic noises blocked by the canal banks and trees, Swans( currently 23 of them ) along with cormorants, kingfishers and many other species of birds, chirp away filling the air with the relaxing song of nature, setting the mood and making it hard to believe you are in the middle of the third largest city in the country.
An abundance of fish now make their homes in the much cleaner waters of the canal, occasionaly popping up to feed.

Mountain View
As we bare to the right at the top of the jetty steps the path invites us to take a stroll and explore.
The sunlight glistening through the trees, now coming into bloom as the path stretches out.

Mountain View
Further along and the canal appers between the trees.
A swan basking in its tranquil waters.

Wild flowers everywhere coming into blosom filling our senses with an abundance of of colours and shades.
Mountain View
Mountain View Mountain View
Onwards the path leads us.
One wonders how many victorians traversed the pathway and how busy it was back in the days when the ferry and walking the pathway was the only way of getting to Eccles from Flixton to do your shopping or to get to work.
Disguarded victorian bottles and artifacts have been discovered near the ferry route.
Mountain View Mountain View Mountain View
More colors to brighten up our day as our cares and woes drift into insignificance.
Mountain View
Mountain View Mountain View
Mountain View
A clear view through the opening in the trees of the magestic turrets.
Left over from a bygone industrial era of the canal.

Mountain View
A little further and Barton locks come into clear view. Still standing strong after 130 years service.
A testimony to the engineers that built the canal without the use of any modern mechanical equipment.

The Locks are only a stones throw away from refreshments / afternoon tea at the Barley Farm?
Or opportunity to take in a Salford Reds match?
A picnic by the canal maybe?
Or maybe just a gentle refreshing stroll back through the countryside to the ferry?

Mountain View
Back to the boysnope jetty and the ferry arives, laddened with other ferry goers embarking on their own exploration.
Some maybe exploring the delights for the first time.
Others taking their grand children to relive a journey they may have taken as children with their own grandparents.

Mountain View
A glimpse of the ex ferrypersons residence as we head back to Flixton.
The residence now sold on and undergoing renovation works to be used as a private home.
Saved at least from the planned demolition and construction of flats.

Pictures kindly donated by Helen Booth.
Words narrated by the website author.